Everything about Bath Rugs

You may have bought the best tiles and the most beautiful and functional fixtures for your bathroom so that it is relaxing and welcoming. However, if you don’t buy snug bath rugs for the bathroom floors you will still find your bathroom a quite uncomfortable and cold. Rugs usually bring with them luxury and comfort along with style and appeal. This is the reason why it is a very good idea to invest in luxury bath rugs.

About Bath Rugs

There are certain features that set these rugs apart from the rugs available for other rooms. You should never choose traditional or regular rugs for the bathroom because they won’t be able to withstand the moisture and that can be very dangerous. Rugs for the bathroom are typically moisture resistant with a rubber backing. Cotton bath rugs are the most common options but you also have chenille rugs to choose from. No matter what material you choose, the rubber backing is most important.

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Also, these rugs are generally very soft. You have the option of choosing very fluffy rugs for complete comfort as well, which are made using fibers of chenille and cotton together. Thinner rugs are made with thinner or shorter fibers. These are generally preferred because they are easier to maintain. Therefore, the choice is yours.

Purchasing Bath Rugs

While purchasing, along with the material and texture of the rugs you should also pay attention to the size. Area rugs are usually large and if you have a small bathroom, they may be too large and tacky for you. That is why, it is advisable that you measure your bathroomaccurately and then purchase the best rug accordingly. There are also different types of rugs such as shower rugs, bathtub rugs, and vanity rugs to be placed in different locations. You may choose as per your requirements. If you are looking to buy all bath accessories in one go, you can look for sets. For example, for kids, you will have kids rugs, kids bath towels, kids mats, kids shower curtains, and so on together in one theme.

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Tip: Don’t forget the shape of the rug. While round bath rugs are very common, square and rectangular are not far behind.

Taking Care of the Bath Rugs

If you want your rug to last for a long duration of time you will have to keep it clean. Maintenance requirements vary from one type of rug to the other. Some rugs can be cleaned at home while others need professional care. All rugs come with care and maintenance instructions, and you have to follow them to the dot.

Tip: You shouldn’t use the machine to wash or dry the rug because the machine can damage the rubber backing, rendering the rug almost useless. Functional and decorative rugs are very easily available today.