Make Bath Times for Your Kid Fun with The Kids Bath Towels

Kids hate going to the bathroom. But guess what! You can make it easy and fun for them. All you need to do is get a set of colorful and beautiful kids bath towels.  It does the trick and like you may have already guessed, makes the whole task easy. You however have to be a little bit creative and go for personalized kids bath towels.

All About The Best Kids Bath Towels

Hero Towels

This mostly applies to boys. There really isn’t anyone out there who does not like Superman or Spiderman or any other heroic and comic figure.  You can therefore imagine how a little boy would feel if his wardrobe has two or three kids hooded bath towels waiting for him before a bath.

SuperHero Personalized Kids Bath Towels

Fairy Tales

This applies to girls. Go for kids bath towels adorned with Rapunzel or Barbie Girl prints. It would be an icing on the cake of your little princess already has a Barbie doll! You can also keep in simple and go for bright colors like pink and violet. Girls just love these colors at any age!

Personalized Rapunzel Hooded Bath Towels For Kids

Simple Designs

It is easy to consider kids hooded towels as the only design out there that kids love.  There are other designs parents hardly consider. Like the Batman hoodie for instance. Problem is, you may have to make customized orders for such designs. Either way, it is always a smart move to save a dollar or two for irresistible personalized bath towels for kids.


It is funny that one needs to be keen on the size of his or her kids bath towels.  This applies to girls mostly and boys to some extent. Think of it this way.  People love covering themselves from head to toe after bath. The same case applies to kids. You can therefore imagine how a little boy would feel covered from head to toe with a Spiderman kid’s bath towel. A girl too would feel the same with a towel adorned with fairy tale figures. The feeling is always priceless and one that any parent won’t mind snapping for future memories.

Green Hooded Kids Bath Towels

Quality Fabric

It is one thing to go for quality colorful towels and another thing to go for substandard kid’s towels.  While it may be easy to check on the fabric, checking on other areas such as color and whether it fades or not is usually tricky. That is why shopping for a set of bath towels from popular baby shops is highly recommended. You will pay more for the towels but you will be certain that it will last for long. Speaking of colors, choose dark colors as white kids towels will send you to the laundry from time to time. If you have playful boys, you will have a more difficult time washing brightly colored towels, so keep it simple and go for dark colors.


Keep off fabric softeners and strong detergents. The reason is simple; kids of tender and sensitive skin.  They can easily become allergic to some detergents so it is best to keep them off. As of fabric softeners, they actually do more harm than good, so yet again, avoid them. use warm water to wash the towel and let it dry on the sun.

A customized kid’s towel may seem as ordinary to an adult but something precious in the eyes of a child. Go out of you way and gift him or her with that towel. Better yet, have his name or her name printed or embroidded on the towel. If you don’t have kid yet, the kids bath towels are super gift ideas for friends and families with kids.