The Different Types of Shower Curtains

Back in time,shower curtainswere just plain, and made out of plastic. They were solely functional with no aesthetic appeal. Times have changed now and the world of bathroom curtains has seen quite a change. Today you have so many different options that you will be mildly surprised. In fact you can use these curtains to change the entire look of your bathroom for the better. You can bring in more elegance and style, adding a lot of value to the bathroom.

Types Available

Listed below are some of the main categories that shower curtains can be divided into:

  • Fabric shower curtains

Plastic is no more appealing. You now have fabric curtains that are completely water resistant and attractive. 100% polyester curtains are the most popular because these are durable and do not allow mildew or molds to grow.

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You can buy fabric curtains in plenty of different colors including purple, blue, red, orange, white, and so on. Also, if you’d like designs you could choose them too. Stripes, floral prints, animal prints, and polka dots are some of the most common designs today.

  • Designer shower curtains

If you are looking for unique shower curtains and you wouldn’t mind spending a few extra bucks you should definitely look at designer curtains for your shower. The best part is that you don’t have to settle with anything that is already available. You can choose everything right from the material to the design to the color. In fact, you can also go for monogrammed curtains, which are gaining popularity rapidly. Designers offer a wide array of choices for you to choose from and are generally open to customization requests.cute kids bath towels

  • Kids shower curtains

It is not advisable to buy plain, boring curtains for your kids’ bathrooms. Kids’ bathrooms have to be fun and vibrant, which is why manufacturers usually have an entirely separate range of bath accessories for them right from kids bath towels to shower curtains. These curtains usually have cartoon characters, jungle animals, funny shapes, and Disney themes on them, attracting kids and making bath time fun time for them.

While buying these bath accessories, it is important to keep your requirements and preferences in mind. As explained here, the choices are plentiful and that means that you can select whatever suits your fancy. Simple factors such as material, quality, length, and budget should be considered so that you easily make your pick without wasting your time at the store or over the Internet. If you are buying online, don’t forget to check the reputation of the seller.